Trade Shows / Import - Export Management


We will assist your organization in getting your trade show or conference recognized by Canada Border Services Agency (Canada Customs). This recognition is obtained through an exchange of letters between your organization and the agency. We will provide you with a sample of this letter required by CBSA, along with the departmental contact name and address. We will assist your exhibitors by providing them with all the customs and shipping documentation required for shipping in and out of Canada. As the Official Customs Broker for your trade show or conference,  if needed, we will provide on site staff to advise and assist the exhibitors from the first to the last day, of the trade show or conference  movie-in and move-out.


Trade compliance refers to importers and exporters meeting all of the requirements governing the movement of commercial goods into and from Canada.  With the vast amount rules and regulations governing our industry, it is imperative that Importers and exporters know all aspects of their business. No longer, is just looking after your sales and balancing your books just good enough. Every company that imports or exports low or  high volume of shipments, I would like to suggest  that you assign someone as your import/export and freight logistics specialist, someone who would be dedicated, in ensuring that all your shipping, clearances and invoicing  data are true, accurate and are trade compliant.

With all the checks and balances needed in our industry, you truly need to have a dedicated person or persons within your organization, administering and controlling the documentation and other requirements of your imports and exports.  The accuracy of the information and documents presented to CBSA or CBP (US- Customs and Border Protection) are very important. With AMPS (Administrative Monetary Penalty System) being fully administered, there are no room for errors.

We will work with you in all aspects of your shipping, import and export clearance needs, ensuring that you will have a trouble and stress free shipping and import/ exporting experience.

Our will and joy is to offer all of our clients "Service Plus".

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We always offer our customers "Service Plus", taking the extra step to ensure you not only get trouble free international delivery, but value-added service.

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