International Trade Show Exhibitors

As the Canadian Official Customs Broker of an event, we will clear and release all shipments by posting the necessary Bonds and securities on all goods temporarily imported.  If needed, we will provide on site staff to assist you with any shipping or customs concerns. If your exhibit materials requires Customs clearance, we request that all goods arrive at the destination at least 5 business days in advance of the event, in order to accommodate the customs clearance and timely delivery of your trade show display material. We can guide you accordingly as to the appropriate ship dates based on your shipping location. Please be sure to always read your Exhibitor's Kit carefully.  Pay particular attention to whether there is advance storage or not.  In some instances you may want to take advantage of that, but please always get a quote as to what the charges are going to be.  In most cases it is often cheaper to utilize our agent to show pickup and delivery service. Supplementary shipping instructions and guidelines will be supplied directly to you upon request.

Please note that any returnable booth or other materials should be cleared as a temporary entry into Canada and then re-exported under CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) supervision.  In some instances it may just be simpler and cheaper to pay the applicable duty and taxes. It may be more economical, as the clearance charges may be cheaper to do permanent entry as oppose to a temporary entry.  Any quantities of your printed materials and other promotional items, would also require Customs clearance, however these types of materials will be accounted for on a permanent entry, where the applicable duties and taxes would apply.


We always offer our customers "Service Plus", taking the extra step to ensure you not only get trouble free international delivery, but value-added service.

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