Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use an official Customs broker or Carrier for a designated trade show or conference?

In Canada, you do not have to use an official Customs broker or transportation company for any trade show that is deemed 'designated'. You can use any broker or transportation company of your choice.

When traveling to a foreign country other than the USA to attend a trade show, please consult the show management of the event to find out if you have to use the designated customs broker or transport company for that event.

What Is the Benefit Of using The Professional Services of a Specialized Trade Show Customs Broker like yourselves?

We have the knowledge, time and experience in dealing with Customs and the Regulations.- We offer you Peace Of Mind - Can you afford to have your items held up at the border? Service Plus Trade Show Customs Broker, can provide and meet all your Customs clearance and transportation needs.

Can Service Plus clear my shipments at any port across Canada, the USA and around the world?

Yes, we can provide or facilitate the Customs clearance of all shipments for your company at all ports across Canada , the USA and yes! even around the world.

Does Service Plus Only Handle Trade Show Customs Importing and Exporting?

Our Specialty is Trade Show Customs, however, we do service the rest of the Import and Export Community, particularly, the casual importers, who like to shop on Ebay or buy anything else including vehicles, on the internet.

Can I import anything I want into Canada?

NO! most products are allowed entry into Canada; however, some items are restricted and could be seized at the border. Many food products and pharmaceutical goods, including herbs and vitamins, may be subject to release approval from various governmental departments (CFIA). It would be advisable to consult with us or the authorities if you feel unsure about a particular product.

Can I export anything I want to any other country?

No! There are trade embargoes against some countries. Although you can export to most countries, there are also specific import restrictions that are unique to each individual country. Please consult the emabassy or authorities of that country or the "Migra export guide" or please contact us to help you get the required information.

For further information on Customs regulations and import/export restrictions, please visit Canada: or USA:



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